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Tur prices may touch Rs 9000

Tur arrival is increasing continuously in the markets of Jalna, Akola, Latur in Maharashtra and the same trend is being seen in other major markets in the country. It is expected that the arrival pressure will increase in the next few days, but this season the production of tur will be less in the country. Therefore, tur prices are likely to increase further in the coming days.
Seeing the less sowing in Kharif season, tur prices have started increasing from the last few days. The tur which was being sold at Rs 6000 till the month of August last year, reached at Rs 7000 in the month of September. Later, there was report of damaging the crop by heavy rain during the months of October and November. Due to this, it is clear that the production will fall more.
As per the government estimates, tur production may fall from 50 lakh tonnes to 39 lakh tonnes. This is why tur prices have recently touched the mark of Rs 8000. Presently, tur prices are hovering at Rs 6800-7500 in domestic markets of Maharashtra and other outside markets, which is high than the Minimum Support Price (MSP).
In contrary to the government’s estimate of 39 lakh tonnes, experts are forecasting it to be between 30 and 32 lakh tonnes. As per the recent farmer survey in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and tur production may see a fall by 25-40 percent than that of the government’s estimates. This survey also supports a deep fall in tur production this year.
So, tur prices may increase further due to reduced production and therefore the government has planned to import tur by 10 lakh tonnes to curb prices and insure arrivals. But experts consider the imported tur will not sufficient to meet domestic consumption and therefore its prices will surely increase.
In such situation, the average price of tur may be between 7000 and Rs 8000 and the maximum price may touch a high level of Rs 9000.