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Paddy coverage increases may help lift ban on rice export

The reliable sources reported that the over­all acre­age of kharif crops has reached 94 per cent of the normal area of 1,091.73 lakh hectares (lh), by the third week of August, showing an increase by 1 lh from the year ago period.
While the area under paddy, nutri/coarse cereals and sugarcane has increased, that of pulses, oil­seeds and cot­ton is has decreased as compared with the numbers, a year ago.
Paddy coverage has been com­pleted in 90 per cent of the normal area and it is 4 per cent more than the year ago period, tell the sources.
The recent increase though small, makes, the government decide on remov­ing the ban on the export of white (raw) rice. Only after assess­ing the actual pro­duc­tion, which­will be done based on arrival and prices of paddy, it may take the final decission, said the sources.
The government is said to havefixed a target of 158.06 mil­lion tonnes (mt) of food­grains pro­duc­tion, includ­ing 111 mt of rice, 9.09 mt of pulses, 13.97 mt of Shree Anna (nutri cer­eals) and 24 mt of maize in the cur­rent kharif sea­son. In kharif 2022, food­grains pro­duc­tion was 155.12 mt.
According to the weekly update released by the Agriculture Ministry, Paddy acre­age reached 360.79 lh (345.79 lh). Higher area has been reported from Telangana (by 4.42 lh), Bihar (4.15 lh), Chhattisgarh (2.71 lh), Jharkhand (2.24 lh), Haryana (1.64 lh), West Bengal (1.47 lh), Uttar Pradesh (1.28 lh), Pun­jab (0.40 lh) and Madhya Pradesh (0.32 lh), whereas, the acreage is reported lower in Andhra Pradesh (1.53 lh), Karnataka (1.47 lh), Assam (0.61 lh) and Odisha (0.43 lh).
However, the total area under pulses declined by 9.2 per cent to 114.93 lh from 126.52 lh a year ago. Lower pulses acreage has been repor­ted by Madhya Pradesh (3.59 lh), Karnataka (3.42 lh), Maharashtra (2.80 lh), Odisha (0.67 lh), Uttar Pradesh (0.51 lh), Andhra Pradesh (0.45 lh), Gujarat (0.41 lh), Telangana (0.37 lh). But, higher area is repor­ted by Rajasthan (1.36 lh) and West Bengal (0.02 lh).
Oilseeds acreage declined 1.7 per cent at 185.91 lh (189.08 lh). The area under coarse cereals and Shree Anna have increased 1.6 per cent to 176.39 lh from 173.6 lh due to higher plant­ing under ragi, bajra and maize.
Cotton acre­age was reported decreased at 121.86 lh (124.21 lh) , Sugarcane coverage was higher at 56.06 lh against 55.32 lh the year ago period.