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Higher acreage to increase Canada’s chickpeas output

Amid the expectations of higher crop area from chickpeas in the season ahead, the reports from the Canadian ‘Reports and Statistics Data for Principal Field Crops’(STC), depicts higher production for 2023-24, to rise to 170 Kilo tonne (KT). By province, Saskatchewan is expected to account for the majority of the chickpea production, with the remainder in Alberta. Supply is forecast to be lower than last year.
The exports of chickpeas are forecast to decrease from 2022-23 and carry-out stocks are expected to be similar to the previous year. The average price is forecast to be notably lower than 2022-23. US chickpea area for 2023-2024 is forecast by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) at 0.39 million acres, up 10 percent from the previous year. Assuming average yields and abandonment, 2023-24 US chickpea production is therefore forecast by AAFC at 0.23 mt, up 40 percent from last year.
However, for 2022-23 season, the STC projected for 2022-23, Canadian chickpea exports higher than the previous year at a record 235 thousand tonnes (Kt). This was largely due to higher exports to Turkey, the US and the EU. With the lower supply and higher exports, carry-out stocks are expected to fall sharply. The average price was marginally higher than the previous year due to lower world supply.