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Govt makes all arragements to enhance wheat procurement in UP

Wheat procurement has formally commencened across Indian with start of Rabi Marketing Season (RMS)-2022-23 on April 1. The government of Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest wheat grower, has made all arragements to speed up and enhance procurement or wheat. The CM has also directed the officials engaged in procurement process to ensure timely lifting of crop from the mandis and to make all necessary arrangements.
As much as seven agencies- food and civil supplies department, UP Cooperative Federation (PCF), UP Cooperative Union Ltd (PCU), Mandi Parishad, UP Consumer Cooperative Union (UPSS), SFC, and BFC- have been designated and engaged for the purchase of wheat directly from the farmers at Minimum Support Price Rs 2015 per quintal fixed by the Centre for the season.
In an endeveavour to help farmers, the UP government has introduced new devices and technology and the purchase is being done on the basis of biometric verification of farmers or their authorised representative through e-pop at the centres.
The state government of Uttar Pradesh has set up 6,000 procurement centres across the state to buy wheat from farmers during the Rabi marketing season. However, no singniciantquanity of wheat was procured in the first week of April as the prevailing market price was higher than the MSP to be offered at the state-run procurement centres.
The officials have been askt to ensure the unfair practices of middle at procurement centres. As per report, Around356 wheat centers were opened in Moradabad division in the year 2021-22 but the farmers of all the villages in the Khadar region were worried about selling as the middlemen got the benefit of this. They bought wheat of small farmers at arbitrary prices and sold them at MSP. The middlemen had taken some farmers with them for their faith. This time the government is paying attention to the system of stopping middlemen.
According to the Divisional Food Controller Manoj Kumar, “Proposals have been sought from all the districts to open wheat procurement centers. The centers will be operated after getting the approval of all the District Magistrates through the District Food and Marketing Officers. Arrangements will be made at the centers for the farmers to sit. Arrangement for clean drinking water should also be made.”
As Rampur is at the forefront of wheat production, 124 wheat purchasing centers have been opened here last year. Wheat yield is good in Moradabad number two and Sambhal also, therefore, 73 wheat purchases were opened in Moradabad district, 71 in Sambhal, 47 in Bijnor and 41 in Amroha. The number of purchasing centers is expected to increase in all the districts this time.In all the five districts of the Wheat Procurement Center division, preparations have started to buy the wheat of the farmers at the Minimum Support Price (MSP).
Because more than three and a half hundred procurement centers will be opened for purchase on MSP, proposals have been sought from all the districts to open the centers.Preparations have started to buy farmers’ wheat at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) at the wheat procurement centers in all the five districts of Moradabad Junction division.The number of some purchasing centers may increase as well as the policy of the purchase centers will have to be decided afresh.