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Egypt targets importing 5 mt wheat in 2024

The reliable sources reported that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade of Egypt, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), intents to import more than 5 million tonne (mt) of wheat during the current year through international tenders.
An official document, is reported to have revealed that the total quantities of wheat imported during the past year amounted to about 4.5 mt from various origins, including Russia at around 2,930 mt, Romania at 780,000 tonne, France at 360,000 tonne, Bulgaria at 270,000 tonne, and Ukraine at 120,000 tonne.
As Nomani Nasr Nomani, the Advisor to the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade for Supply Commodities Affairs, said that the Egyptian market’s total consumption (governmental and private sector) of wheat exceeds 20 mt annually.
The total production of local wheat exceeds 9 mt annually, compared to 11 mt imported by the government and the private sector each year, he added.
He added further that the private sector’s imports of wheat increased by about 10 percent, as compared to the government’s imports.
Over the past few years, wheat imports by private sector remained at about 45 percent of the total imports, whereas the remaining 55 percent was made by the government via the GASC, he said, keeping this percentage as the private sector at 55 percent compared to 45 percent by the government during the past year.
This decline in the government’s wheat import rates came as a result for the preparation of a database for citizens eligible for food support, noted Nomani.
Russia accounted for 70 percent of the wheat imported by Egypt during the past few years, Nomani said, adding that Egypt imports wheat from about 16 sources including Russia.